Sunday, January 7, 2018

String and Nail Art

Hi Everyone..!! Welcome to my blog..!!

Wishing you a very happy new year 2018. 

I'm gonna show you my new year craft String and Nail Art and how to make your own . This is one of my coolest wall decoration projects. And looks very beautiful once it is finished. I like string art because it is colorful, creative, easy and inexpensive. 
Learn how today....

String N Nail Art
Before you begin, gather the following materials:
1. Thermocol piece of Square shape- 3 Nos (You can also make it with wooden board and Nails)
2. Black chart paper. (I wanted it looks of black background)
3.Ball point pins-2box approx(Use Nails if your base is a wooden board)
4.Embroidery threads of any two colors.
5.White glue
6. Cutting tools

How to make...
1. Stick all three pieces of thermocol together with white glue to make a board.
2. Paste black chart paper on the board.
3. Start to punch the pins in the shape shown here. Try to space them as evenly as possible and nail them to the same depth. 

String and Nail Art 1

4. Start to wrap threads from the inner square. 

5. Put knot on the first pin at any corner, and leave the tail. Bring it to the next corner.

Wrap it around the corner pin and bring it back to the same pin we started.

6. Wrap it around the pin left to the 1st pin , and bring it to bottom pin of the 2nd pin. 

7. Repeat the same until you reach the next corner. You will get 'L' shape threading of one color covering a corner.

String and Nail Art 2

8. Repeat the steps 5,6 &7 with an another color thread next to first 'L' shape threading, One square will be completed with four 'L' shape threading. 

String and Nail Art 3

9. You need to do the same for covering every outer square.

String and Nail Art 4

10. Switch the thread of different color for every 'L' shape threading.

String and Nail Art 5

11. If you're about to run out of thread, Knot the ends tightly at any corner and start another bundle of thread there as well. 

String and Nail Art 6

String and Nail Art 7

String and Nail Art 8

String and Nail Art 9

String and Nail Art 10

12. Repeat this process until the shape is filled , then tie off the end when finished. Clip the tails of thread. 

String and Nail Art 11

String and Nail Art 12

13. Frame it nicely, if you use thermocol and pins. 

String and Nail Art 13

How is it friends...? 

I need your valuable comments here...
Thank you and keep smiling.....:) 


Shami Immanuel said...

Superb ramya. What kind of pins do u use.

Raji said...

Very nice . Superb

Anuradha Premkumar said...

wow...amazing art...

neat and great work and thank u so much for sharing the method...

ramyasblog said...

Thank you so much shami.. I have used 36mm Bell Pins here shami...

ramyasblog said...

Thank you so much raji...:)

ramyasblog said...

Thank you so much anuradha...:)


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