Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hi guys, 
Take a look at some of my rangoli designs of this  year 2016....:)
I love to draw athappoo kolam very much.. Coz it is an artwork made out of various color flowers. 
This one is made for our college culturals, and came out well with the help of many students. 

Athappoo Kolam 1

Athappoo Kolam 2
 Top view .... Looking Good...???

Athappoo Kolam 3
 This one is made for my anni's valaigappu function last month...:)

 Freehand Rangoli 1

 Freehand Rangoli 2 

Bird view from terrace...

 Freehand Rangoli 3
This is for Tamil new year..:) 

 Freehand Rangoli 4

 Freehand Rangoli 5

Top view ...

 Freehand Rangoli 6

This one, you have already seen, yeah it was my pongal rangoli of this year... 
Pongal Rangoli 1

Pongal Rangoli 2

Of course it's a selfie with my kolam, taken from terrace...

 Freehand Rangoli 7 
These are also done for the culturals REVA UTSAV...

 Freehand Rangoli 8

  It's made with chemical color and salt... 

chemical salt kolam

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Keep Smiling...:)


Susil Kumar said...

Excellent artwork

ramyasblog said...

Thanks a lot sir...:)

Bala Subramanian said...

Excellent work madam......

ramyasblog said...

Thank you so much Balasubramanian...:)