Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quilled Jumkas

Hi buddies....
This time I tried paper quilling jumkas which will always gives us traditional as well as fancy look ... 
Actually it looks like a plastic jumka because of the outer enamel coating. Isn't it...?

And I received good response for this new project friends..!
let you to enjoy the pictures of some jumkas. 

Quilled Jumka0

Quilled Jumka 1

Quilled Jumka 2

Quilled Jumka 3

Quilled Jumka 4

Quilled Jumka 5

Quilled Jumka 6

Quilled Jumka 7,8

Quilled Jumka 3

Quilled Jumka 9

Quilled Jumka 10

Quilled Jumka 11

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Quilled Jumkas

Quilled Jumkas

Keep Smiling....:)