Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nylon Stocking Tulips

Hi friends…
Happy Diwali to all… May the festival of lights brighten up your life…..:)

First of all sorry for this delayed post... I was little busy with my work. And I will try to make crafts frequently... Ok, Come! let us learn how to create Tulips with Nylon Stocking today….

Nylon Stocking Tulips

Materials need:
1. Nylon stocking cloth in pink orange yellow blue and white.
2. Aluminum wire (silver color)
3. Thick stem wire (or old refill pen)
4. Pollens
5. Nylon thread
6. Plier

How to do:
1. Make 2.5 inch loops using silver wire.
2. Wrap nylon around each loop and tie it with nylon thread.
3. Pinch the loop into oval shape.
4. Make six petals for each flower.
5. Attach stamens (pollen) at one end of thick stem wire.
6. Wrap green tape around the stem wire several times.
7.  Tie the six petals around the stem wire with the petals upside down, forming two layers of petals.
8. Flip the petals around towards the stamens.
9. Arrange the petals and bend tip of the each petal inward slightly.
10. Your tulip is ready now. Make some more tulips and put it in a vase.  

Nylon Stocking Tulips

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