Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nylon Stocking Serial Light

Hi friends….

Come let us decorate our home with dazzling serial light…

Generally the houses will be lit up with hundreds of tiny electrical lights on special occasions.…Those are known as serial lights because the bulbs are serially wired. You can get it from any local electrical shops.

 I wanted something special to decor my pooja room and chose this light. I transferred the serial light into beautiful glowing flower bunch.…

I made this craft 5 years ago (don’t know where it has gone now) when I got the procedure from a TV program. I just found the photo today and started blogging…  

Materials needed:

Serial light of any color (I bought blue color serial light, so that same blue stocking I used… )
Nylon Stocking cloth
Aluminum wire (silver color)
10  number thread or nylon thread
Green tape

How to do :

Tie a bunch of three bulbs.

Make petals with aluminum wire and stocking cloth. The procedure is same as of wings making in Nylon stocking butterfly.

Click here to see 

Then consider the light bunch as stamens and attach three petals one by one, around the bunch.

Wind green tape to cover the tied stock.

Continue the same process for making all flowers. 

Add some artificial leaves.

Now arrange them in a basket as I did, otherwise place them at pooja room or racks or car dashboard or wherever you want

Switch ON the light…

See how it looks…. NICE na.....???

Nylon Stocking Serial Light 
Keep Smiling....:)


Anonymous said...

wow... Looks awesome...Nice creativity:)

artandcraft said...

beautiful work ramya

ramyasblog said...

Thanks vidhya and srimathi babu...:)

arul said...

kalakkura ramya!!!!!!!!!!!

ramyasblog said...

hey.... Thx ma....:)

G.AruljothiKarikalan said...

nice and beautiful idea...

ramyasblog said...

Thank you..:)