Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tissue Box Decoration

Tissue Box Decoration

Tissue Box Decoration

Hi friends,I’m here with a colorful clay model … 

You can make your home beautiful by using your creativity and artistic sense… If you are an artist, Then I’m sure every corners of your home will be decorated by your hand works…

My dad always ask me to make something for our car… Suddenly this idea hit my mind... I tried to decorate a plain tissue box. And it came out very well… 

Tissue papers are the most common useful things at home. So today I’m going to teach you how to make your tissue box more decorative in a very low budget.  

How to create rough texture on plain surface:

What you need:
Tissue papers
White gum
Flat brush
Colors (I used Sap green and Lemon yellow)

How to do:

Tear the tissue paper randomly into small irregular pieces (Don’t use scissors).

Mix white gum with water in the ratio of 1:3.

Apply the mixture on box with flat brush and stick a tissue piece.

Again coat the mixture on the paper and stick another piece of paper on top of that.

Wrinkles effect will be produced while you bind 2-3 layers of tissue pieces.

Cover all the surface with the same procedure.

After the box completely dries color it with your own choice.
I used my favorite sap green lemon yellow combo. Take a look...

Tissue Box Decoration

Clay modeling :

You would have known the clay modeling procedure obviously. Just press the clay pieces with your fingers to  bring desired shape. And paint the dried clay models with bright colors. Now, glue it on tissue box.. 

I made a big rose with bud,  some tiny flowers, small pearl buds and leaves....

Here is my finished project.....
Tissue Box Decoration

You can use this box to decorate in functions, your room table, your car...... 
Especially you can gift it to your loved one...

Tissue Box Decoration

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Hope you liked this craft... If so, tel me what exactly you feel about this....!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nylon Stocking Butterfly

Hi friends....
I'm very happy that the followers of our blog and likes on craft of ramya page are increasing every day. Thanks a lot for your encouragement. As I already told, I'm coming with the Nylon Stocking Butterfly today.

Everybody loves butterflies; they define the happiness in our garden. Butterflies have always been a part of craft, so why don't we try butterflies in stocking cloth. Stocking can be available in all art material shops and very popular in flower making. I'm sure you will try this craft.

This butterfly can be fixed where ever you want, on gift boxes or hat or something else. It is to decor room wall generally.

Materials needed:
 Nylon stocking cloth
 Aluminum wire  (silver colour)
Nylon thread
Kundan stones

How to make Nylon Stocking Butterfly:
First we need to make the wings. The aluminum wire plays an important role here. Prepare the shapes with wire.

Wind the wire around any cylindrical ring (You can use bottle caps or pain balm bottles as a ring) Take two different sizes of rings to make two different wings. One is smaller than another. Twist at the end and cut the excess with plier. Make two wings in both sizes.

Now we need to give shape to the wings. You can shape the wings in the way you like. Refer the picture for my butterfly’s shape.

Next wrap the wire with nylon cloth, gather at an end and thread it. Cut off the remaining cloth.

Then use some cotton or tissue paper to form a body. Cover the cotton with nylon and tie it with thread of same colour. Thread the stuffed cotton to bring the shape of butterfly’s body.

Now its time to attach the wings to the body. We have to attach the bigger wings first (one by one) then smaller wings below the bigger ones.

Finally make antennas with the same aluminum wire and glue it beneath the head.

You can add some glitters and kundhan stones in its wings to make it more attractive.

The beautiful butterfly is ready to fly into your heart. You can fix this to your flower bouquets now.

The pictures are here.....  
Nylon Stocking Butterfly

Nylon Stocking Butterfly

                         I need your valuable feedback friends.....