Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nylon Stocking Tulips

Hi friends…
Happy Diwali to all… May the festival of lights brighten up your life…..:)

First of all sorry for this delayed post... I was little busy with my work. And I will try to make crafts frequently... Ok, Come! let us learn how to create Tulips with Nylon Stocking today….

Nylon Stocking Tulips

Materials need:
1. Nylon stocking cloth in pink orange yellow blue and white.
2. Aluminum wire (silver color)
3. Thick stem wire (or old refill pen)
4. Pollens
5. Nylon thread
6. Plier

How to do:
1. Make 2.5 inch loops using silver wire.
2. Wrap nylon around each loop and tie it with nylon thread.
3. Pinch the loop into oval shape.
4. Make six petals for each flower.
5. Attach stamens (pollen) at one end of thick stem wire.
6. Wrap green tape around the stem wire several times.
7.  Tie the six petals around the stem wire with the petals upside down, forming two layers of petals.
8. Flip the petals around towards the stamens.
9. Arrange the petals and bend tip of the each petal inward slightly.
10. Your tulip is ready now. Make some more tulips and put it in a vase.  

Nylon Stocking Tulips

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Keep Smiling...:)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blogger Awards

Hi friends
I’m very happy to inform you that I received two awards from our blogger friends last month.

The versatile blogger award from Ranjana...
Ranjana I like your different varieties crafts and 
 Kumkum bharani collection... 

Then Awesome blogger award from Radharani.
Radharani Your blog is really awesome. My favorite posts are VaduMangai, Ukkarai, Karachatni...  

Thank you for considering my blog for the awards.

I would like to pass these awards to my fellow bloggers,

   4. Vijaya Lakshmi http://viji-crafts.blogspot.in/

   5. DrJyoti Gupta http://sculpturemagic.blogspot.in/

To accept the awards you have to:

1. Write a post about this award, mentioning about the blogger who presented this award.

2. Present this award to 5-7 fellow bloggers.

3. If you want, share 7 random things about you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hi friends.........
Happy Sunday to all.........:)
I'm back after a long gap... Today we are going to see another crochet creation. This work is very simple to create, takes few minutes to make and needs no tools.

Crochet Wall Hanging

Materials required:
Yarn (of any two colors) 
1 feet sticks - 2 no's
(I used split-ed bamboo sticks)

How to do:
Tie the two sticks together in a cross pattern. 
Wrap the yarn around them beginning from the center towards end as I did.
I have changed color after every 10 winding's.
Violet and Pink is one of my favorite color combo. I just love the way these colors look together and I find this color combination inspiring.
Important point is that, you should bring the joining knot of two yarns under the stick.
Use 5 loops for hanging.
Add some beads, if you want to decorate it.
But I just added some crochet dongles at the end.

How to make crochet dongle:
Wind the yarn 20 times around your three fingers. 
Slip these strands off the fingers.
Tie the strands at one end and cut the loops at another end.
Now your dongle is ready to hang.

I need your meaningful response for this craft friends..!!!
And feel free to share your trials....!

Keep Smiling....:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To the world you might just be one person, but to one person you might just be the world…

 Happy Mother’s day to all Moms….:)

I love you mma...!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello Friends... 
Here is one more mehandi design for you......:)

Mehandi on aruna's hand

Keep Smiling...!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uncle Boopathy's Blog

Hi Friends...
I'm very glad to introduce my uncle's blog here....
He is such a talented person.
Though he is not a professional artist, his paintings and hand works will be artistic and admirable....
I'm sure you will enjoy...

poster painting of my uncle boopathy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Art with Fruits and Vegetables

Welcome friends…

Here is my next trial on fruits and vegetables carving…  The purpose of fruits or vegetables carving is to make food more attractive to welcome guests at functions like wedding, ordinations etc...

I have not described the procedure and let you to enjoy the pictures...

 There is no need of special carving tools, Just a sharp- pointed knife is enough to carve fruits and vegetables beautifully. Note, extreme care must be taken when working with knives. Don’t allow children to attempt carving.

I have used watermelon and pumpkin this time… 
Here are some of my carvings....

Watermelon Carving

Watermelon Carving

Watermelon Carving

Pink Rose...

Watermelon Carving

Watermelon Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Keep smiling......:)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Women's day Celebration

Women's day Rangoli 

 Belated Women’s day wishes friends….. How was your women’s day celebration ….???

I want to tell you one thing…. On last year women’s day celebration, our university organized some contests. We were participated on Rangoli competition and won 2nd prize. Janani, mala and myself put that rangoli. 

We have described the activities of women's in different fields like education, sports, music, house keeping etc. It's really hard to draw all within particular time. So we planned to express social activities of women's through folk art called warli. 

They have given an hour time. We used Crystal salt with color powder.  Even we couldn’t complete the kolam on time, we deserved the prize. Because of our Spontaneous answers to Judge’s questions… They asked so many questions actually…. 

Surprise was, only our photo (taken while we get prize) published on next day's news paper on behalf of entire celebration….

Here is our rangoli... Photo taken from second floor…

Women's day Rangoli 

 Jana & Mala standing near our kolam and Mala was informing me that we got 2nd prize...

Women's day Rangoli 

Keep Smiling....:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nylon Stocking Serial Light

Hi friends….

Come let us decorate our home with dazzling serial light…

Generally the houses will be lit up with hundreds of tiny electrical lights on special occasions.…Those are known as serial lights because the bulbs are serially wired. You can get it from any local electrical shops.

 I wanted something special to decor my pooja room and chose this light. I transferred the serial light into beautiful glowing flower bunch.…

I made this craft 5 years ago (don’t know where it has gone now) when I got the procedure from a TV program. I just found the photo today and started blogging…  

Materials needed:

Serial light of any color (I bought blue color serial light, so that same blue stocking I used… )
Nylon Stocking cloth
Aluminum wire (silver color)
10  number thread or nylon thread
Green tape

How to do :

Tie a bunch of three bulbs.

Make petals with aluminum wire and stocking cloth. The procedure is same as of wings making in Nylon stocking butterfly.

Click here to see 

Then consider the light bunch as stamens and attach three petals one by one, around the bunch.

Wind green tape to cover the tied stock.

Continue the same process for making all flowers. 

Add some artificial leaves.

Now arrange them in a basket as I did, otherwise place them at pooja room or racks or car dashboard or wherever you want

Switch ON the light…

See how it looks…. NICE na.....???

Nylon Stocking Serial Light 
Keep Smiling....:)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tissue Box Decoration

Tissue Box Decoration

Tissue Box Decoration

Hi friends,I’m here with a colorful clay model … 

You can make your home beautiful by using your creativity and artistic sense… If you are an artist, Then I’m sure every corners of your home will be decorated by your hand works…

My dad always ask me to make something for our car… Suddenly this idea hit my mind... I tried to decorate a plain tissue box. And it came out very well… 

Tissue papers are the most common useful things at home. So today I’m going to teach you how to make your tissue box more decorative in a very low budget.  

How to create rough texture on plain surface:

What you need:
Tissue papers
White gum
Flat brush
Colors (I used Sap green and Lemon yellow)

How to do:

Tear the tissue paper randomly into small irregular pieces (Don’t use scissors).

Mix white gum with water in the ratio of 1:3.

Apply the mixture on box with flat brush and stick a tissue piece.

Again coat the mixture on the paper and stick another piece of paper on top of that.

Wrinkles effect will be produced while you bind 2-3 layers of tissue pieces.

Cover all the surface with the same procedure.

After the box completely dries color it with your own choice.
I used my favorite sap green lemon yellow combo. Take a look...

Tissue Box Decoration

Clay modeling :

You would have known the clay modeling procedure obviously. Just press the clay pieces with your fingers to  bring desired shape. And paint the dried clay models with bright colors. Now, glue it on tissue box.. 

I made a big rose with bud,  some tiny flowers, small pearl buds and leaves....

Here is my finished project.....
Tissue Box Decoration

You can use this box to decorate in functions, your room table, your car...... 
Especially you can gift it to your loved one...

Tissue Box Decoration

Click here to see my another post in clay modeling...

Hope you liked this craft... If so, tel me what exactly you feel about this....!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nylon Stocking Butterfly

Hi friends....
I'm very happy that the followers of our blog and likes on craft of ramya page are increasing every day. Thanks a lot for your encouragement. As I already told, I'm coming with the Nylon Stocking Butterfly today.

Everybody loves butterflies; they define the happiness in our garden. Butterflies have always been a part of craft, so why don't we try butterflies in stocking cloth. Stocking can be available in all art material shops and very popular in flower making. I'm sure you will try this craft.

This butterfly can be fixed where ever you want, on gift boxes or hat or something else. It is to decor room wall generally.

Materials needed:
 Nylon stocking cloth
 Aluminum wire  (silver colour)
Nylon thread
Kundan stones

How to make Nylon Stocking Butterfly:
First we need to make the wings. The aluminum wire plays an important role here. Prepare the shapes with wire.

Wind the wire around any cylindrical ring (You can use bottle caps or pain balm bottles as a ring) Take two different sizes of rings to make two different wings. One is smaller than another. Twist at the end and cut the excess with plier. Make two wings in both sizes.

Now we need to give shape to the wings. You can shape the wings in the way you like. Refer the picture for my butterfly’s shape.

Next wrap the wire with nylon cloth, gather at an end and thread it. Cut off the remaining cloth.

Then use some cotton or tissue paper to form a body. Cover the cotton with nylon and tie it with thread of same colour. Thread the stuffed cotton to bring the shape of butterfly’s body.

Now its time to attach the wings to the body. We have to attach the bigger wings first (one by one) then smaller wings below the bigger ones.

Finally make antennas with the same aluminum wire and glue it beneath the head.

You can add some glitters and kundhan stones in its wings to make it more attractive.

The beautiful butterfly is ready to fly into your heart. You can fix this to your flower bouquets now.

The pictures are here.....  
Nylon Stocking Butterfly

Nylon Stocking Butterfly

                         I need your valuable feedback friends..... 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello Friends ... I wish you all Happy Pongal..

Pongal is the most popular harvest festival of Tamilnadu. Pongal comes in mid-January every year and marks the beginning of Uttarayan, the Sun's movement northward for a six month period. Celebrations include painting entire house, drawing of kolam, cooking of delicious pongal....

Now you can guess what my part here is....?!? Of course I have started 2 draw kolam yesterday night itself. One with paint in pooja room, one with sunnambu(lime stone) paste in front door and another one with colour powders at front gate. Kolams are believed to bring prosperity to homes and not only meant for decoration purpose. So I love to draw kolam's especially rangoli. Because, I am not good in dotted kolam.

But the Celtic knot design(yellow paint), I have made with the help of dots, because the measurements should be equal in all lines. I got the Celtic Design from the link below

and did some changes.

Celtic design
Celtic design

Rangoli at moon light


Limestone paste rangoli

Limestone paste rangoli
Some more photos of last year celebrations here..........

Limestone paste rangoli


Traditional kolam

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glass Paint on Plastic Sheet

        This post is to wish all my friends, a prosperous and delightful 2012… I hope all your dreams come true on this New Year.

            I did the glass paint on plastic sheet also known as OHP sheet. We can see this picture while enter in my room. I just painted using old waste glass liner and glass colors which I don’t want to throw out. So it wasn't results smooth lines.  So I didn't frame this picture rather just pasted on wall with cello tape. This background looks more cute than foil know…..?  

           Maybe adding some elements would make it more attractive. Yeah I mentioned about the butterfly which is made by stocking/Nylon material. This might be the next post.

Glass Paint on Plastic Sheet
Happy New Year once again.........:)

I like when you visit my blog and I would enjoy it if u left me a note…….!!!