Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi friends,
I came up with an amazing craft, Vasthu tree ie Golden tree with tutorial. Anyone can make golden tree through this 10 easy steps.   Try this, Itz easy  to make….
I hope this tree will bring you all success and goodness…

What you need?
·         Golden wires(20 or 30 or 50)
·         Golden leaves
·         Golden bells
·         Beads (pearl colour)
·         Sounded beads (salangai used in silk blouses)

How to do?
1.       Fold the golden wires of 20 into half. Now you are having 40 wires. (Finally you will get 20 branches by twisting couple of wires to get a single branch)
2.      Now twist all 40 wires at 2inches from the bottom, for 3 inches. At this point, tie up the wires together with one wire.
3.     Then start to make branches here. Take two wires and twist together about 5 times, insert 1 leaf in one wire and twist 5 times then bead in another wire then twist 5times. Repeat these twists till the wire end. At the end, attach 2 to 3 sounded beads.
4.      Make 8 branches at this distance.
5.      Then tie up the remaining wires together, above 1.5 cm from this set of branches.
6.      Make 6 branches here. These branches will be shorter than first set.
7.      Repeat the 5th step.
8.      Make 4 branches here.
9.     At last, twist a last branch which should face upwards. And attach some more sounded beads with it. 
10  Finally fold the loops in bottom to make it look like tree stand.

Here is my golden tree with 70 wires. Hope you all like this......

Closer view

Golden Tree with 20 wires

Comments Please......!


k.nirmal said...

Golden tree is nice....nice work


Lovely craft Ramya...

ramyasblog said...

Thanks fnds..:)

rama k said...

Hello will u b able to post the pictures stepwise?

ramyasblog said...

yeah.thank you. will try rama..:)