Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coffee Paintings



How to do Coffee Painting?

            Friends this is different technique of painting. Instead of using acrylic or poster or oil colors, coffee powder&water mixture is used as paint here.

What you need?
1.      Instant coffee powder
2.      3D outliner copper color
3.      Canvas board or sheet
4.      Glue and glass
5.      Water
6.      Brushes
7.      Design sheet
8.      Yellow carbon paper

How to do?

1.      First find the design pattern you like and print it out.
2.      Trace the design on your canvas. Or try free hand drawing, if you can.
3.      Draw the pattern with 3D outliner.
4.      After liner completely dries, you can start paint.
5.    Mix coffee powder with water in different consistencies for different shades. You can produce 3 to 4 variable shades.
6.   If you want, add few drops of glue n glass with this mixture. It will give more glassy effect.
7.      Paint the picture.

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