Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hi friends,
One thing I want to tell you that I love doodling... If I stuck somewhere with a pen in my hand, I will start doodling because it is the best way of passing time.

Doodling is some form of art that all of us can do. Our school and college notebook will be the best examples for our creative doodles. I don't know much about you, but my notebooks always be filled with my scribbling. 

Every type of doodle will tell the mind set of person who is scribbling. Yeah, the doodle we choose will reveal our personality and of course our mood. 

So many websites are there for doodle lovers. Even Google and Apple companies have given doodles a respectability. 

Let us see what I doodle this time...
Believe it or not, no curved lines I have drawn in this picture, means all are straight lines you are watching here... 



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