Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hi friends.........
Happy Sunday to all.........:)
I'm back after a long gap... Today we are going to see another crochet creation. This work is very simple to create, takes few minutes to make and needs no tools.

Crochet Wall Hanging

Materials required:
Yarn (of any two colors) 
1 feet sticks - 2 no's
(I used split-ed bamboo sticks)

How to do:
Tie the two sticks together in a cross pattern. 
Wrap the yarn around them beginning from the center towards end as I did.
I have changed color after every 10 winding's.
Violet and Pink is one of my favorite color combo. I just love the way these colors look together and I find this color combination inspiring.
Important point is that, you should bring the joining knot of two yarns under the stick.
Use 5 loops for hanging.
Add some beads, if you want to decorate it.
But I just added some crochet dongles at the end.

How to make crochet dongle:
Wind the yarn 20 times around your three fingers. 
Slip these strands off the fingers.
Tie the strands at one end and cut the loops at another end.
Now your dongle is ready to hang.

I need your meaningful response for this craft friends..!!!
And feel free to share your trials....!

Keep Smiling....:)