Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glass Paint on Plastic Sheet

        This post is to wish all my friends, a prosperous and delightful 2012… I hope all your dreams come true on this New Year.

            I did the glass paint on plastic sheet also known as OHP sheet. We can see this picture while enter in my room. I just painted using old waste glass liner and glass colors which I don’t want to throw out. So it wasn't results smooth lines.  So I didn't frame this picture rather just pasted on wall with cello tape. This background looks more cute than foil know…..?  

           Maybe adding some elements would make it more attractive. Yeah I mentioned about the butterfly which is made by stocking/Nylon material. This might be the next post.

Glass Paint on Plastic Sheet
Happy New Year once again.........:)

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anusha said...

very nice u have great future

ramyasblog said...

Thanks a lot anusha...:)

KukiesBasket said...

That's simply so neat and clean. Wonderfully done.

ramyasblog said...

Thank you Devika...:)
Keep visiting.